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Laura Maguire
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About Me 21 year old from Brooklyn, pushing through college with the help of undying love provided by my family and friends.
Laura Maguire
Shutterfly Helps a Family in Need
219 days ago

Hey Ellen (so casual like I know you)

What I love most about your show is not only the overwhelming amount of joy (&dancing) that comes with watching every day, yet you allow the world to get a glimpse of the countless amount of truly amazing people there are out there. In my life alone I have been blessed to be surrounded by an extended number of good-hearted people, some in which I would love to share with you.

With myself included I am one out of three children in my immediate family, yet when people ask me how many siblings I have it definitely doesn't stop there. For my entire life my parents have always been the kind of people who open up the door to anyone in need. Within the past year alone we have had four people stay in our home, two in which were due to being without a place to stay when Hurricane Sandy hit. Some stayed months, some even stayed even more than a year. The basement is pretty much the only 'room' available for all of them- just try to picture a 1970's basement that is falling apart (literally-it's horrible). Nevertheless, my parents have selflessly opened up their home&heart and established an "our home, is your home" motto, even through some tight financial issues. They're truly two of the best, most hardworking and caring people I know.

Which brings me to the other amazing person I would love to tell you about, who just so happens to be our fourth 'tenant' of sorts. My friend Meaghan and I have known each other for almost 10 years now, and I can honestly refer to her as nothing short of a sister at this point. In our junior year of high school she lost her father to mesothelioma which he acquired during his time as an iron worker on site at the World Trade Center. Following such a tragic loss, five years later right after her college graduation (two months ago) she lost her mother to a battle with Leukemia. (We're both 22 years old)
Through such an intense and emotional time, the amount of people and response Meaghan got from the support and love of everyone in her life was astounding to witness. &from there she has stayed true to the person she has grown and continued to be: a strong-willed, loving, reflective, generous, hilarious, and hardworking woman.
As an avid Lena Dunham fan herself, I can sincerely say that her style of writing is nothing short of impressive. Since her mothers passing she has attained a full time job with our local Brooklyn paper and established a steady blog that has been gaining some attention.

I wish that I myself was an amazing journalist so I could try to give justice with just how incredible these people are. (I'm a science major, writing is NOT my thing)
I watch your show every single day and I cannot thank you enough for all the happiness you bring into my life. Since Meag has started living with us I can honestly say that I have set a "must-watch-Ellen" bug with her (not that she hasn't always loved you).
Watching you help people every day brings such a joy to all of your viewers so I couldn't help but try to put my ten cents in about the ones that surround me with the same loving atmosphere that your show provides.

Hopefully one day in my life I'll be able to dance with all of you (aside from in my living room)

You're the best,
To the writers/producers: you're all amazing
Love you all,
Thank you for everything.