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Laura Komp
Name Laura Komp
Location Rakvere, Estonia
Joined 472 days ago
Hobbies Basketball , tabbletennis
About Me I'm shy and cute.. I have brown eyes , I adore Justin!
Laura Komp
Justin Bieber
472 days ago

Hi Ellen
My name is Laura Komp , I'm 15 years old and i'm Estonian. Maybe many don't know where it located.. but let me talk about Estonia. Estonia is a small country . Here is a lovely people and many people who loves Justin Bieber . Estonian capital is a Tallinn. Our President is Toomas-Hendrik Ilves. I want to tell you that I love your show and I watch Justin Bieber on it every time! Justin is my life love.. and i know he never come to Estonia, cuz it's too small country. But i don't want break my dream.Justin tells us Beliebers that we have to follow our dreams...but my dreams never come true.. Only you Ellen.. you can make my dreams come true. I have to agree that maybe u don't read this, but I live with that, I was trying to...Ellen please..I pray every night to meet with my idol . He is my world.. He is my life. I been fan of Justin 5 years..and this five years has changed my life.. Ellen.. please help me..!
Love ya xoxo