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Laura Holloway
Name Laura Holloway
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Hobbies watch ellen every day
About Me i'm married with a wonderful husband i do not work we have 3 gilrs 13,9 and 5 and one more onher way in 32 days and yes another girl this is me
Laura Holloway
Josh Duhamel, Bethenny, Alicia Keys!
530 days ago

Ellen please tell Josh the I love him so much and the I'm his number 1. Fan thanks so much for having him you made my day love you Ellen and I love Josh happy Valentine's day muack

Laura Holloway
Win All the Prizes from Day 9 of 12 Days!
594 days ago

Hi ellen here i am again trying to winn lol see if this yr. i will get lucky congrats to all the lucky winners and thnx to u ellen for make us so happy with all ur kiddness love ya ellen and merry christmas hope all ur wishes come true ur #1 fan :)

Laura Holloway
Find Out How You Can Win 12 Days Prizes!
602 days ago

Hi Ellen i relly really wish i can winn i have 4 grils and my husband is the only who works and he is not getting his bonus this yr. so no christmas tree or presents i guess thank for all this beautiful gifts and good luck to u all xxxx

Laura Holloway
Find Out How You Can Win 12 Days Prizes!
604 days ago

i love your show ellen i watch it every day for 10yrs. i never won ur 12 giveaways :( but i love to see all the happy faces of ur fans when they winn thank you for be so sweet and nice my best wishes for u i will try this yr. again and see if i winn love you ellen ur #1 fan

Laura Holloway
One Direction and Keira Knightley
622 days ago

My daughter loves One Direction. She's a huge DIRECTIONER! She knows everything about "Her Boys" (<---she always calls them that). I'd have to say she's a little obbsessed with them,just a little bit,haha. She's known about 1D ever since the X-Factor. Those boys but a smile on her face everytime she hears or sees something related to them. My family doesn't have alot of money, but i tried to buy her tickets for her birthday this year and last year,but they sold out really fast. I try to buy her all of the 1D things that she wants,but if she gots tickets to see and meet them she'd be the happiest girl alive. So could you please help me out and pick me,i'd be so ever grateful. thanks,Laura.
P.S. I love your show!
P.P.s I love you!