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Laura Gannon
Name Laura Gannon
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Hobbies I love to sing, take care of my kids, and decorate with my mom
Laura Gannon
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223 days ago

Dear Ellen,
I want to tell u about the one person that inspires me the most and that is my mom. All she does is do things for other people before herself. She goes out in the woods for hours picking ground pine to make these beautiful tiny Christmass trees to sell to people and we usually ether break even or under. And she only sells them for $15.00. She also makes Christmas come alive with all the decorations for my two kids, me, and my fiancee. She gives so much. About two years ago she even let my fiance's two cousins and his aunt come live with us cause they were living in a house with no electric and it was November. She brings out the good in everyone. And now she I'd facing one of the things she tried to stop everyone from going through. She lost her job in February and could only find a job at adollar store. And me and my fiancee with my two kids live with her. And now she is only making $8 an hour instead of $15. We can't pay or taxes she took out a lone two years ago because the well busted and that was ten thousand to put that in and she barfly has paid on that. Now her car has just blown the engine and all a have is a three seated truck for 3 adults a 4 year old and a six month old. She has given so much to everyone and I don't want her to loose the one thing she and all of us love the most, our house. Its was built in 1685 by our great great great great grandfather Roger Smith. And his grandson was captain William Smith in the revolutionary war. This house has been in our family ever since. And to think of her losing the greatest family heirloom that anyone could ask for would make my heart brake. I love her so much and I just want her to have something in return for all the things she does for others without questioning it at all she is a great woman and she deserves it. Love you Ellen :-) :-) ;-) xoxoxo