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Laura Durbin
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Laura Durbin
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People say that there are miracles. After 2013 I have to admit. I don't believe. After losing our sister in Feb. My boyfriend of 21 years was placed on medical retirement because of having so many medical issues and told that he was terminal. Only to find out that he's been denied for medical disability. Leaving us with only my income. We had to move to a much smaller house. Going from a four bedroom 2 story house with full basement to a 4 room house. Which we may now loose because I can't afford the house payments. December has been the hardest month for us. I didn’t have the money to get my boyfriend anything for his birthday and no money to buy anyone anything for Christmas. Three kids. Three Grandkids. We didn't even put a tree up or celebrate. Nothing to put under the tree. No reason to put one up. I had been planning to see Justin Timberlake's concert for over a year. The week before I had to have surgery to put splints and a tube into my kidneys. Taking me off work. I found out that I also had a cyst on the only ovary along with UTI. A Yr of planning to see JT for the first time ever Gone. Being such a huge fan of his. I cried for the entire week. I drove to the Yum center where he was playing just so I could be in the same area that I knew he was in. Sorry. I still cry thinking about it. My car is broke down, I don't even have a trunk lock. Just a hole where one was. The breaks are gone. The door panels coming off, tucked down into the handles Can you help me believe?