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Name Laura
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Age 27
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Hobbies Working out, walks, love to plan my kids & husbands birthdays, shopping in op shops.
About Me I am married to a handsome, big hearted man (Joshua) who blessed me with 4 beautiful children (son aged 7 Tobius, daughter aged 4 Agnes & twin girls aged 2 Jessie & Ivy). I was born in the beautiful country New Zealand and moved to Australia aged 8 and have resided in Brisbane for the full 18years. Love my life now then how it 1st began.
Tell Us About an Act of Kindness
251 days ago

Hi Ellen,

I would like to share how "My husband Saved my life".

My life has been nothing more then Hells roller coaster leading up to meeting my now loving husband and 4 beautiful kids.

From the age of 6 I was a victim of abuse up until the age of 13 from my father when I finally realized what was happening I then opened up and told my mother. I was terrified at the time of what the outcome would be once out in the open. My mother didn't believe me and older sister said I was only trying to get attention. I cried every night knowing that there was no escape and so terrified I hardly slept.
Even then my mother chose to stay so I was constantly running away from home and starting drinking and smoking regularly. I had thought of committing suicide on a regular basis thinking I wasn't worth anything because the ones I loved were not protecting me from what I feared.

I reached age 17 and had been expelled from 2 schools for regular fighting within the school and against other schools and just gave up trying.

I then met my husband now that never gave up trying to get me to date him. He constantly called and sent text messages which finally made me think someone actually cared for me. I gave in and he treated me like I was the only other person in the world with him.

As we started getting serious I decided to tell him about my history of abuse when he advised me he had already knew I was scared he was going to leave me at this point. He then told me that he didn't care of my past and that if anything that it is what made me the person he loved a strong independent women. That was the point that I fell in love with him and finally had someone that really truly loved me.

My whole life I didn't believe I had a purpose to be here on earth till I met my loving husband who chose me. Even though I felt my mother failed me as a child and older sister whom we do not speek till this day. I get all the love I need from my husband and four kids which I will never be able to give anything to my husband to thank him enough for giving me a purpose to live.

He saved my life. This is to me considered 'act of kindness of the heart'.