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Latima Rogers-King
Name Latima Rogers-King
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Hobbies Cooking, taken care of elderly , and love being a mom.
About Me Im 34 year old I have a 13years old son who birthday is December 21.but I also took care two other chrildren 19, 24, I work with elderly people love my job but it dont last long but I love get up to do it. I sell dinner for extra cash and sometimes cook for my church. My life is awesome to me.
Latima Rogers-King
Day 9 of 12 Days, Chris O'Donnell, Icona Pop
218 days ago

I love watching your show you make me laugh and dance all the time. U been trying to win your 12 days so so glad you take time to share with other I so love you for that your heart is so big. I wish you a merry Christmas n hope you enjoy. Keep up the good work.