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About Me Im a wife and a mother, Ive been married to my high school sweetheart for 21 years and we have a beautiful 16 year old daughter Haley
Laticia Starnes
Win All the Prizes from Day 5 of 12 Days!
596 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I love watching your show it warms my heart to see all the great things you do for people. I myself have been unemployeed now for almost a year and things have really been getting tough over the last few months and winning anything would greatly help me and my family or better yet just finding a job would be a blessing right now. I know there are alot of people in the same position as I am and I just love to watch your show it puts a smile on my face everyday.
Tish Starnes

Laticia Starnes
Worried About Gifts This Season?
609 days ago


With the holidays fast approaching and having been unemployeed for almost a year now, the person I would love to have a great Christmas this year is our daughter, my husband works full time and we struggle to get all the bills paid. Our daughter turned 16 this year and we sold what we had left to sell to get her a vehicle since we both had vehicles when we turned 16, it is no means a new vehicle but it is cute and in decent shape and she is just happy to be driving something and I hope she can continue to drive it since I believe my transmission in my car is going out. Haley is a great daugher, and student she is very smart she is in all honors, she is a sophomore and she takes not only all honors classes but she has double stacked her classes in Math and Science this year plus found her a part time job so she would have some money for Christmas (her boyfriend) we have just really had a tough 5 years, I was laid off in 2008 and we lived in this small town in Florida and I could not find a job, my husband was keeping us afloat with his job but he was then laid off on Mother's day weekend 2010 and I was still unemployeed so we lost our home we had paid on for the past 14 years, and my car and we decided to pack up and move to Alabama to be close to his brother who has daughters around Haley's age and sshe being the only child we wanted her to grow up with cousins, I found a job here within 2 months it took my husband 7 months, we barely made it every month from selling a lot of things we collected over the years then we were blessed with him getting a job and things were looking up until last Dec. when I was laid off, I have been looking and going to the career center trying to find work with no luck so far, and things just keep getting tougher and harder every month to pay the rent and utilities let alone trying to buy for my nieces and our daughter Christmas this year but Im trying. I know there are alot of people out there in worse shape then we are but if there is any way that we could give our daughter a wonderful Christmas this year after the past 5 not being so good it would be great. I ask her to make me a Christmas list and she knows how money is so she wont really even make me a list and I feel terrible. I really enjoy watching your show and I see all the wonderful things you do for people and it is just awesome, so if there is anyway you could help us give our daughter a great Christmas I would really appreciate it.
Thank you for your consideration.
Laticia "Tish" Starnes