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Larry Numa
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About Me Love the outdoors and my passion is photography! I love and crave laughing!
Larry Numa
Win All the Prizes from Day 5 of 12 Days!
213 days ago

I could use a WIN!

Larry Numa
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223 days ago

3rd times a charm!

Larry Numa
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227 days ago

Ellen 3rd times a charm, in my previous comments I chose to be modest. Lol, each year as a manager of a Housekeeping Department I would reward my employee's children with a Xmas celebration. I would decorate my department with a Xmas tree or Xmas theme and dress as Santa and give each child an Xmas gift. This was my way to show them my appreciation in having their parents work Xmas day and not home with them. I miss those days as I am currently unemployed. Your staff must be very blessed to have you as a boss. It's how we treat people that counts. I would enjoy sharing your 12 days of giving with others if selected. Happy Xmas!

Larry Numa
Win Day 5 of 12 Days!
231 days ago

Hello Ellen and staff! Woo is me! Lol I usually buy myself a gift and wrap it up and place it under the Xmas and Xmas day I would wake up and open the gift as if I did not know what was in the box. This year I am unemployed and will spend Xmas alone! 12 days give away would be nice,

Happy Holidays!

Larry Numa
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232 days ago

Ellen you and your staff have such big hearts, in this 12 days of giving. Tis, the season of giving! What you are really giving is big smiles, lots of laughs, and LOVE. Even if I am not selected, I am a winner, as I laugh and smile through the joy of your audience.

By the way the Fitbit or Beats would look nice under my tree. Lol