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Our Mountain Top Santa! The spirit of Christmas is in full swing here in Mountain Top Pennsylvania especially since Santa came to town.
A few weeks ago the residents of my home town noticed a couple taking walks down our main road. The white bearded gentleman (looking a lot like Santa) would wave to all the cars that passed him alone the way. By doing this random act of kindness he put a smile on our faces. Not long after it became a sort of game on Facebook… who could get a picture of our friend waving to passerby's. One photo lead to another until someone approached him to get a picture with him. This sort of took on a life of its own. The man started wearing a Santa hat for his walks… then a Santa suit was given to the man. Everyday he walks and waves… putting a smile on everyones face…it's just a small gesture that made a difference in our community. We would love to show him how much we appreciate his kindness during the holiday season by having Ellen give a shout out to Bob Anderson AKA Mountain Top Santa