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What do I want out of life?

Well it's a two part answer. I want more time and ability to do things as a family.. which would mean I would need an 8 passenger vehicle. My husband and I both had 2 children from previous marriages when we started dating and then we got pregnant with twins. So now we are up to six kids. We live in Missouri, one of his children lives in Kansas (a 2 hour drive one way) and one lives in Arkansas(a 4 hour drive one way). We try to see them every other weekend, but with his schedule in the U.S Military that isn't always possible. We have not been able to have a family Christmas in our own home in the last two years (the twins are 2 ) because all we have is 2 7 passenger vehicles (one of which's heater core went out). His son(the one that lives in Kansas), his mom has family in the area both he and my parents lives. So she meets us there, we pick up his son and then he drops all of us off at his parents and then he drives to Arkansas to pick up his little girl. Sometimes we have to drive both vehicles so that we can do family outings all together, which as you can imagine with all that distance to travel gets expensive (like life isn't expensive enough as it is with 6 kids and only one income, that being a soldiers pay.)Then we usually spend the majority of the weekend at his mothers house becase we can only fit 7 of the 8 of us in the vehicle. Which means even though we made it down for the weekend to visit family, we usually don't get to see much of anyone. This year we will be going down on Christmas Eve (since it's our year with his kids to have them wake up with us on Christmas morning) and staying at my mothers house. We have to try and fit all SIX kids' gifts, along with our suitcases for the day in a mini van. I can't tell you how much an 8 passenger vehicle would help just being able to do more things as a family and be able to make our own memories as our little family together.