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Lacey Metz
Name Lacey Metz
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Hobbies Dance, and being kind to one another...that includes the animals :)..just took in a stray the other day:)
Lacey Metz
How Do I Erase?
539 days ago

how do I uplaod my clumsy thumbsy?

Lacey Metz
Win All the Prizes from Day 12 of 12 Days!
588 days ago

Hello Ellen!My 3yer old son and "almost fiancee" and I recored and watch your show EVERYDAY.Your show is our number one show because you are the most amazing and positive person out their.You change lives and put smiles on people faces everyday, including mine :)I am writing because I see yourcntest here and am going to hope that maybe,yu may changemylifetomorrow,others will go to the toy drive to get some gifts(the only gifts) that will go under our salvaged plastic icicle tree(the lights dont work)..I hope to get our son something close to what he would like so I will go to stand inline 2 hours before it opens (the comunity toy drive hand out) To win something as big as this would change my familys life and we will continue to do our good deeds as much as we can....right now we took in a stray cat who was freezing to death in the cold even though we can barely afford to feed our own kitty...but he needsusand we took him in. Your show helps people see things in such apositive matter that it changes the souls and hearts of many. Kee up the amazing work ellen,just being you is all this world need to start making a change :)..WE LOVE YOU ELLEN!. ps some of the typing overlapped, I dont know why, so I hope you can make it out for the most part...