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kristine kuenzi
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kristine kuenzi
Ellen's Inbox
260 days ago

can you afford obama health care or pay th e fine???

kristine kuenzi
Does Your Home Need a Makeover?
275 days ago

please help ....this old house....we struggle pay check to pay check trying to fix what is needed and end up being broke. but at least we have a place to live in. even if all looks bad...
its a place to live ....taking life one step at a time.

kristine kuenzi
Ellen's Inbox
282 days ago

after talking with ssi ...i saw on abc that they also spoke with ssi....if congree does not meet the debt ceiling
limit time...ssi is at risk and can not guartee it after oct 17 2013....
do they realise what they are doing....millions of people will
suffer....where will they live. who will take care of them.
how do they pay there bills to live in the place they are in..?
my son;s chance for 0. i cant afford his monthly medical useage...without the help of ssi....????
he will not survive....i hate to say this but...(killshot).
these people will be suffering......including my family.

kristine kuenzi
Ellen's Inbox
282 days ago

after spending time on the phone waiting and waiting for answers. there isnt much to be said about the gov shutdown...
i spoke with ssi directly today 10-15-2013 they said. if they do not reach ean agreement by the debt ceiling limit ssi is at risk...this is not fair to those that really need it the most.
ssi said they have no set date of when it would stop. that they were waiting on congress.....sounds like a waiting game to me.
my son;s chance for survival with out this is slim.
we must join together and let congress hear us...
make congress listen to what they are doing to everyone. that needs this program..........if you agree....leave postings on my facebook

kristine kuenzi
Ellen's Inbox
287 days ago

ellen for president...sounds good right about now...
social security checks at risk if us reaches the debt ceiling oct 17 2013....

the survival of my son and millions of at risk.

kristine kuenzi
Ellen's Inbox
288 days ago

make congress us....the people...
not only does this effect my son. but millions of other
people ..... if there is no son can not survive.
where do people do they pay there bills to survive.
if they are caring for people that are disabled. who will take
care of the disabled one if the caregiver has to get a job to
survive....and if the job doesnt pay for everything of medical
needs...then what...????
make congress aware this hurts everyone on these programs...

kristine kuenzi
Ellen's Inbox
289 days ago

social security checks at risk....?? if debt ceiling isnt raised...
by oct 18 2013...not only does this effect my son but millions of others that need this funding to keep alive...
we must make congress listen to the people that will hurt the most.
keep ssi alive for them. to live at home...and be cared for.
keep my son alive...!/photo.php?v=1414942022067848&set=vb.100006561906867&type=2&theater

kristine kuenzi
Ellen's Inbox
290 days ago

dear ellen.....
we saw what you have been doing in helping others make there lives you always do....and keep doing for people.
i really wish that this home could be done. we live pay check to pay check. and still cant afford to get things repaired.
and or done...what we have we live on to make ends meet.
i wish. upon a star. last nite that. cousins would redo this
home for steven. i wished upon a star that. ellen would see
my messages...i wished upon a star. to pray that one day
i would wake up to a home. that is safe. and that things in it
are not falling apart...
i still see that same star. every bedtime. and we named that star. its called ellenin...maybe one day this wish
will come true.....this is my wish for my son. not for myself or family ,,,,but for my son. this is all i ask....a home for my son to live the rest of his life. of what ever time he has remaining....and to know that it is his home forever......

kristine kuenzi
Ellen's Inbox
313 days ago

dear ellen.
i want to give my son the best in life but when you cant afford to repair a home that is falling apart around you what do you do.
things needed in this home is a bulldozer...and start new.
but cant afford that either.
so you live in it til you cant live in it.
the basement has a big hole in foundation. leaks. roofing is falling off...bathroom ceiling is caving in. tiles fell off...both bathroom. upstairs bathroom leaks...into our bedroom. and you get dripped on while sleeping...
front porch is a river when it rains...boards are rotting...
on porch. living room is ok...needs new flooring...sons room is is ok. been me...when i had money...
ellen i just dont know where to turn...
house falling apart every day. something in tears.
trying to repair it with no help from family...oh wait . what
family...they only call when they want money that we dont have.
im desperate here ellen ...please help....

kristine kuenzi
Ellen's Inbox
317 days ago

this home needs a face lift.....

kristine kuenzi
Ellen's Inbox
319 days ago

hi ellen ...steven news update...
on thur sept 5 2013....
there is nothing more they cando for steven.
and we want him to be as happy and comfortable as possible.
having a home make over ...would help so much...
the home we are living in. is very very old. we continue
to repair things as needed. but its just not enuf.

this over 175 yrs old. but. its all we got to live needs HELP!!!
please consider steven.....for this chance to have in life.

to make it easier for steven. and better for him. to live out
the res tof his days at home...his own home...would be a blessing.......
can you make it happan....!!!!!!!

kristine kuenzi
You Write, Ellen Responds!
319 days ago
dear ellen. steven has been diaganosised with right side hrt failure. which is part of the heart diease that he also has.
on sept 5 2013 we are going to get a second opinion. if the results are same.
there is nothing more they cando for steven.
and we want him to be as happy and comfortable as possible.
having a home make over ...would help so give him the ability to be a old home....
please consider steven.....for this chance to have in life.

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