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Kristine H
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About Me I have always worked until recently in 2009 I was let go from the company I worked for, for 10 years. There were a lot of people let go because of the economy dropping. My husband would stay home with the kids while I worked and now I am ready to get back out into the working field but have not had any luck. My husband found a job in March of this year 2013, now its my turn. My kids are not going to have a very Merry Christmas this year because of the lack of income we have coming into our home. I am so depressed. My daughters turning 7 yrs old on 12-13-13 and I can't even buy her a gift or have a party for her. My older son is 20 yrs old and I owe him money for his cell phone bill and can't pay him back cuz once again, I'm broke and jobless. He is trying to buy a car but blames me for not being able to get a used car because I owe money on the cell bill. Now he hates me. My 13 year old boy wants things too but sacrifices every wish he ever wants because he knows we are struggling. I know this is a long shot but I am hoping for a Christmas Miracle from anywhere. I am willing to work for anyone that can help me this holiday. I need a job but don't have money to buy any nice clothes for any possible job interviews that might come my way. I have holes in my underwear and bras and my hair is dry and out dated. Can you help me in any way. I am desperate and need someone to believe in me and my family. I will do anything as long as it's legal and tasteful just to make my kids happy this Christmas. PS My mother has done so much for me and I was hoping to give her a nice gift for all her help throughout the years. She took my 20 yrs old son in when things got rough for him and helped by getting me gifts for certain days to make my other two kids happy on their special day. Please let me know where I can get help.
Kristine H
Child Guitar Prodigy!
233 days ago

This kids sounds better then Joe Satriani...