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Kristina Warren
Name Kristina Warren
Location Claremont, CA
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Hobbies Art, cooking, gardening, hockey
About Me I am an artist, born and raised in Claremont. I love the LA Kings and I am pregnant for the first time ever!
Kristina Warren
Are You Expecting Your First Child?
497 days ago

Yes, after 14 months of trying my husband and I are finally having our first child. We are so excited! I am due October 15, 2013 and am deserving to be in the audience of your Mother's Day Show along with my mom :) She has been wanting another grandchild for years and I have always brushed it off because I didn't want her to get worried about us trying for so long. Well, I found out the day before Valentine's Day and am still waiting to tell her at the right moment. We would have a blast because you put on a terrific show. I work hard, eat well, and am totally stoked about being pregnant for the first time. Hope to see you soon!