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On Wednesday, I took my four children to the local family cafe in our neighborhood to buy them shakes. The tv was on and the we were watching the Ellen Show. Now I do not agree with all of Ellen's political or social views, but when she tells a clean joke it is pretty funny.

But I was offended when the segment went to sexy scenes on her past shows and Ashton Kutcher dropped his bathrobe and was naked on national TV. My poor innocent children who have never seen anyone naked on TV before were shocked and horrified and so was I as their mother. We quickly left and my second oldest daughter told me that was really gross.

I am so deeply offended that Ellen is making light of sex on TV. Is this the message she wants to send to the youth of our country that pre-marital sex is ok ? I would be horrified if my children showed up on the Ellen show and dropped their bathrobe showing the world their bodies. To me that is porn.

I was raped before I got married. It was a horrible experience and I would never want my children to have to go through that. That is why I try to do everything I can do to keep them away from harm. What you showed on TV is not funny in the least, but rather a sad commentary on sex. To me my sex life is a very personal matter that doesn't need to be shared with anyone else. It is between me and my husband.

Look around at all the unwed mothers out there. I bet if you asked them how wonderful life is without a stable family life they would give you an ear full. My sister had a daughter out of wedlock and I have heard her say many times that she wishes she could turn back the clock and never have gotten involved with the father of her child.

My point is let's set a good example for the youth of this country. Let's be honest with them on what really makes people happy on not tell a lie.