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About Me Have a two year old daughter that continuously keeps me on my toes. Have submitted a story previously regarding my 'near death' experience from this past year, and my new appreciation on life. The Ellen Show was what helped get me through my recovery. I could always turn the show on for a great laugh. One of the fist things I said when I awoke from my coma was that I wanted a pair of Ellen shoes so I could dance like her! I watch her show every day as it always brings a smile to my face. Keep on doing what you're doing, Ellen. So many people love you and use you as their inspiration and motivation to make it through a stressful day. I'm one of them! My dream is to go to the Ellen Show so I can see and 'just dance' in person!
Kristin Grieser
Chirp Chirp Chirp
180 days ago

I have the best story to tell you that happened approx 3 months ago. We had the exact same 'chirp/beep' at 2am- GO FIGURE. My husband and I are taking down/out every battery in every alarm we have. We are hitting the 'test' button so the thing makes this ungodly loud noise (and we are praying our 2 year old, who had just been awake, doesn't wake again). Our 22lb bichon poodle is completely freaking out, and my husband and I have gone from being annoyed to EXTREMELY pissed and yelling at each othe cause he can't figure it out. Of course, we can't make it stop and have no replacement batteries so I decide I'll run to the store and he can go back to bed. By this time it's close to 4:30am and he has to go to work within an hour. Upon return we change every battery in every alarm and the chirping STILL doesn't stop. He ends up going to work on no sleep and I call an electrician to come ASAP. 10 am rolls around (and this damn chirping is driving me NUTS) and the electrician gets here. Does everything we do and says we need to replace ALL of our smoke detectors because they are out of date and that has to be the problem. As we are walking up the stairs and he is going to start replacing all of the detectors, I walk past our carbon minoxide detector on the wall in the kitchen. I hit the button and remove the battery and the chirping stops! Thank The Lord! As the electrician leaves and we laugh about things, he tells me "well, the bill for my service call will be coming in the mail." WHAT?! Sure enough, we get a bill for $95 for the service call! That's what I get for calling a guy to fix things!