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Kristen Hedge
Name Kristen Hedge
Age 40
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Hobbies Aviation and my family.
About Me I am an Army wife with 2 wonderful children. My oldest, my hero Connor is 2 and 1/2 yrs old and has stage IV Neuroblastoma cancer and is kicking it's butt. He was diagnosed 10 days after we had our little girl Lily, who is a beautiful 1 year old.
Kristen Hedge
Do the 'American Idol' Judges Have It Wrong?
174 days ago

I was frustrated seeing her not get chosen too!! She is awesome and definitely should have gotten through. I hope you can do something Ellen. I hope she calls you, you can get her going. Great voice!!!

Kristen Hedge
Message from Ellen
186 days ago

I just got home from seeing that movie. August; Osage County. It was a great movie. Very dramatic, dark and quite funny! Definite win for the awards! She and Julia.

Kristen Hedge
It's Day 9 of 12 Days!
219 days ago

That was the funniest intro to the giveaway yet! They are all good, but that was the funniest! I think Terry B. was just as surprised.

Kristen Hedge
It's Day 6 of 12 Days
224 days ago

Too funny!! I really just want to dance with the pipe-smoking Christmas Sloth!

Kristen Hedge
Jake Gyllenhaal's Happy Thanksgiving
227 days ago

Ahhh Jake! That is funny a funny story! It's one your niece will always remember.

Kristen Hedge
Message from Ellen
228 days ago

Haha! I am Hankful too! Just love him, Jake and you!