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Hi Ellen
Ive written to you before about my friend Jenna who was 34 years old and was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The last letter i wrote to you she had parts of her liver, spleen and kidney removed. Since then she had both her ovaries, and her uterus. Then cancer spread to her lung.
As of January the cancer spread to her heart and on February 1, 2014 Jenna took her last breath and became an Angel. She fought her battle with cancer with courage and grace and fought a long 15 months. I would love for you to mention her and her family as they are true heroes. The world needs to know who these amazing people are and who Jenna was! Jenna was a fighter and had tremendous strength, even towards the end of her life she fought as hard as she could - the DR gave her 7 days and she lasted 2 weeks. Im not asking for gifts, all I'm asking if the family can be acknowledged for having such an amazing - daughter, sister, auntie and friend. I became very close to the family during this time and I know where Jenna got her strength from. Jenna died 2 weeks before her 35 birthday - she was born on Valetines day. She was inspiration to many. She lit up a room wherever she went and had an amazing outlook on life. Everyone who knew Jenna loved her and Im sure if you met her you would love her too.
We are having a celebration of life for her on February 7, there is a slide show being presented and I would love if you could do a video shout out so I can play it. She loved you and your show and it would mean a lot if you could acknowledge her life.
Thank you for reading this Ellen.