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Kris ballard
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Kris ballard
Day 2 of 12 Days, and Gerard Butler!
602 days ago

Love your show...makes me realize that there is so much we can do to help others. we just have to give a little more of ourselves than are willing to get back. I try everyday to give back to others everyday whether it be by an action or or a kind word. I help my daughter with my grandkids and there are other friends that look to me to be there to brighten their day or give a piece of good advice. Your show is an inspiration to me everyday, my pick me up in the afternoon when i am needing to get a second wind. I would love to win the 12 days of christmas gifts or the $20,000 just so I could share it with my family and make all of our lives better. I am recently divorced but if I won $20,000 i would take my ex-husband and my two children and my two grandchildren on a dream vacation so that we could build and strengthen our relationship as a family. The last 5 years has more or less torn our family apart and we are finally back to a place where we can need to fix and build back what we all lost. We all love and need each other , but we have never taken a really nice family vacation. my ex and I have always had to work to support and provide for our children. we are all finally getting to a place financially where we can live without the worry of paying for our bills, but there is never enough money to be able to spend quality time as a family. It is my dream to be able to spend time as a family and build our relationships and family bonds once again.Please help me realize this dream that could mean a fresh start for both my children, my two grandchildren and especially my ex-husband. He is great man and even though we are no longer married, he takes care of my children and I financially and is always there to support us in what we need. Taking a family vacation has always been a dream of his also and I think he would feel that our family is still intact and enjoy the rewards of being there for all of us no matter the cir***stances. Thanks Ellen I love and all that you do to spread your love and good fortune to others. Please have a good holiday season and God bless you

Forever your fan, Kristina Ballard