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I wish I could upload a pic instead of just a comment. I would show you 6 beautiful children of a recently singled mom whose lives were turned completely upside down by Katie Burns. It’s a perfect picture taken by a loving mom of smiling faces all dressed up at the communion of their newest baby sister, who had arrived only 3 days after her husband said he wanted a divorce. 3 weeks later, their mom found out about the affair. I should mention that Katie was the first person she texted after finding out her husband no longer loved her, sorting through her confusion with one of her closest friends. She had no clue that it was Katie. Not just adultery, but betrayal of the worst kind. She had tried to help someone she thought was her friend, both financially and emotionally. She allowed her children to become close friends with Katie’s children. That’s because she trusted her. Pretty much like you did, Ellen. I guess you don’t con at this level without being REALLY good at it. I’m not ignoring or excusing the actions of my friend’s husband. But Katie continued to pretend to be a friend throughout the entire course of the affair, accepting any help she could get and playing the role of the needy, hurting friend, while at the same time seducing money and “consolation” from her advocate's husband. My friend and her 6 beautiful children are struggling financially, but way more than your money, she could really use your respect.