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Kirk Harris
Name Kirk Harris
Location Green River, Wyoming
Age 53
Joined 608 days ago
Hobbies Copperfoil art, meeting new people
About Me I, a 52 year old male ex-military I' seperated from my wife of 28 years in July. I have one daughter 24 years old she is married her name is Lacey. She teaches children with autism, she is a very good young lady. Unfortunately she lives in England with my wife. I spent 21 years there and decided it would be better back here in the US. My life has been nothing but trouble since I came home. But you gbrighten my life everyday just by being there for me on the television, for that thank you. Sincerely Kirk Harris
Kirk Harris
Ho Ho Ho
608 days ago

You give me the strength to get up in the morning, just your smile and your generosity is amazing. If God was sending angels he certainly chose the leader of the pack in you. You are a true saint and please keep up the brilliant work you do, and thank you for saving me!

Kirk Harris