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Bethenny Discusses Her Divorce
567 days ago

Bethenny, I hope you keep the same amazing strength and wit and courage that has gotten you as far as you have to now get through this hard time. Since I first starting watching Bethenny on RH, I felt very much bonded because we have very similar biting personalities which I of course just find comical, and we also had a difficult relationship (or lack of) with parents, and specifically, the women who gave birth to us. The similarities are very uncanny that she and I share with regard to the awful way in which our mothers treated us, and we both have in essence raised ourselves because of that. I am now going through a difficult time, and have been trying to pick up the pieces and rebuild my life and get myself back for quite some time now, and so when Ellen asked today if Bethenny has inspired me, the answer is very loudly YES! When I look at what she has created for herself and her daughter, I know that it is indeed possible to come out ahead if you believe in yourself and don't stop trying because no one is going to do it for you. I wish you all the best in getting through this hard time, and I truly believe you will be ok in time. I won't stop trying for myself either in part because of the inspiration that Bethenny has given me, so thank you for being you!