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Kimberly Slone
Name Kimberly Slone
Location McCarr, Kentucky
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Hobbies singing,,fishing,,hunting,,reading
About Me I love singing very much,,,I have lived here in Kentucky all my life,,I am married to a wonderful man and i have four beautiful children and two beautiful grandbabies and a stepson
Kimberly Slone
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224 days ago

Dear Ellen,,,I would love to win these gifts for my family,,,not for myself,,,i have four kids and two grandbabies,,,and a step son and my husband dont get much money on social security,,,and i would love to have a great Christmas for them,,,last year we couldnt afford much we got the two grandbabies a doll a piece,,,but they loved it and it was a happy time to see their faces,,,If you cant help its okay,,,I would love to have my kids and grandbabies with me on Christmas all together and for them to have good presents to open that they would really like,,,,but for me the greatest gift of all is to have them all here with me at the same time,,thank you for listening,,,I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas to thank you Ellen!!!!