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Kimberly Grady
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Kimberly Grady
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531 days ago

Dear Ellen,
I have been a fulltime working employee for 30+ years. I love what I do, have now been able to work in healthcare to assist others nationwide and really help to make a difference.I am very much invovled in Patient Quality and Safety for all. I am writing to say that you are great to help with others who are in need. I have been unemployed after a company lay off since October 2012. This has allowed me to watch your show more than I ever have, and I really enjoy it. I am so hopeful I will get another job that God has been planning for me. In the meantime I have to scamble, as unemployment does not pay even for my rent, let alone food, utilities, etc....I hope I get something soon as I also have a son in college and need to pay 10,000,00 by August. Not sure what will happen and have used my retirement a bit, sacrificing any future funds.I am also strapped because after a divorce, I am in heavy debt.
I appreciate to hear that there are others out there that are willing to use resources to assist others.

Thans so much for being you, keep up the awesome job.