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Kimberly Chirino
Name Kimberly Chirino
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Hobbies Loving Justin Bieber & watching The Ellen Degenerous Show!
About Me BELIEBER!!!!! <3 :)
Kimberly Chirino
Win Tickets to the AMAs!
613 days ago

Hi Ellen, if you would give me a chance to go the AMA's, I would be the happiest person ever. I've been crying to everyone I know how I wasn't going even though I tried getting tickets but they are so much! I would love you forever, not that i already don't because I do! It would mean so much to see all of the amazing artists and have a really good time! Please Ellen I will do anything for those tickets. I mean it just tell me and I'll do it all for you because I love you. I will be so happy if you pick me and if not well then i'll still do anything for you becasue I love you! .xx :)