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Kimberly Carter
Name Kimberly Carter
Location Elkton, Kentucky
Joined 585 days ago
Hobbies scrapbooking,photography and entering sweepstakes
About Me I have 2 children and 5 grandchildren. I went to college later in life and graduated with a 4.0. I went to school to get a better job. I have worked with children in some capacity for a long time. I finally got a good job where I felt like I was making a difference, then due to an accident I am now disabled and can't work. I take a lot of medicine and fight depression,but I lean on my Lord and Savior to get me through. I feel lonely most of the time.
Kimberly Carter
Message from Ellen
318 days ago

Glad the new shows are finally here! I love watching your show, even re-runs, but really like it when you comment on current things going on. I love how you give gifts to people to make their lives better, it moves my heart to see that. I also like when you see how people will react, like today when you had them carry the TV's forever to get to the car, then when she changed her mind they helped her carry it back. It's nice to see there are still good people out there and this reminds us of that. I'm glad you rewarded them for all their work, they deserved it! If you have any tickets to your 12 days of Christmas I'd love to be a part of it and could really use the help. Good-Luck in season 11, not that you need luck, we all love you and your show!

Kimberly Carter
It's Kick in the Kindness Week!
528 days ago

I hope and pray you help me out with the house I'm trying to get fit to live in. You are my only hope. I've written you before. Just to remind you, I let family live in house to help them out and they totally destroyed it. They even tore sheet rock off the walls so they could steal the wiring and sell it! I always worked where I was helping people until I got permanetly injured and won't ever walk again. I need to get house fixed so I can move in since it's all on 1 level and I won't have to climb a ladder to get to my loft bedroom. Please help me if at all possible.

Kimberly Carter
And the Day 4 Winners Are...
578 days ago

I watch the show all the time and was trying to catch the word come across the screen so I would know what the answer was to the first question, but as luck would have it... there were severe thunderstorms in the area and they thought it was more important to put that on the bottom of the screen then the answer to your question. HA! HA!

Kimberly Carter
Play Ellen's Winner Wonderland Contest -- And Win Every 12 Days Prize!
585 days ago

I love your show and the way you help people.I got so many JCP pins trying to win a trip to your show to meet you, but had no luck. Now what to do with all those cute pins? I put them on a minature tree and used them as ornaments, They really look nice. I wish I had a way to send you a pic. Thanks for helping us all forget our troubles for a little while each day. Merry Christmas