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Name Kimberly
Location Mobile, Alabama
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Hobbies Cooking,growing Tommy toe tomatoes, watching tv and playing on my Kindle
About Me I recently moved back in with my sister and her husband to help care for her. Making sure she has her coca-colas. She has a rare kidney disease that only 13 people in the US has been diagnosed with. Her 87 year old mother in law lives there too. My other sister lives across the street and she just bought the house next door to her for my parents. So I am back and forth alot. But I love having my parents close and being there with both of my sisters. Now I just need both brothers to move next door to us. Lol. I love my family and moved out from my boyfriend to be with them. It's been hard on him. But we'll be alright. God puts us where he wants us. Grow where you are planted. Right now I'm a green Tommy toe tomatoe hanging from a vine. Lol. I have filed for my disability so I can't work. The great state of Alabama says I'm too young. Wish my back and knee felt the same!!!
Message from Ellen
206 days ago

Ellen I think your twelve days is the GREATEST on tv. I love what you do to help people. Betheeny is thriving thanks to you and then there is Sophia Grace and Rosie. I love those two little British sweeties. I would love for you to do something for me. I have a fabulous, wonderful sister that I love with all my heart. She was diagnosed with an extremely rare kidney disease. She is on the borderline of going on dialysis. She has done so many wonderful things for people all her life. I would love it if you could do something special for her. Some way to say thank you. You can contact me at She is just the greatest sister in the world and I just l
ove her. Thank you,Kim Hall

Josh Duhamel, Bethenny, Alicia Keys!
396 days ago

Hey Ellen! Just wanted to say that I love your show. And...thanks for introducing Sophia Grace and Rosie to the world. I enjoy watching them. They make my day when they are on. I can't wait to see Bethenny. She is fabo-licious. Tell Portia hey. Have a good one.