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Hi Ellen I am writing to you about my step daughter who is a single mother and has never received any support from the father of her child. She is working part time and doing anything she can to raise her 8 year old daughter by herself. She has shown herself to be a great mom and will do whatever it takes to survive. She has a car that was given to her by her grandfather when he died, however this car is over 10 years old and is constantly breaking down. With her being the sole provider for her and her daughter these repairs are often somewhat hard for her to make. Over the past 4 years she has spent more than $3,000 in repairs on this car and well it has caused her to get behind in some of her bills. I wish I could do more to help her and her daughter out but with the economy the way it is I am a 41 year old woman just finished my bachelors degree in college and am 75,000 in debt myself. I love her dearly and she is the only child that I have. I wish that something positive would happen in her life to make her feel like she is doing a great job in raising her child alone.
Sincerely and thanks for everything you do for so many deserving people in this world.