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Kimberley McMullen
Name Kimberley McMullen
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Hobbies ...Arts 'n Crafts with the boyz, Photography, Writing, Camping, Anything to do with outdoors really... HuGE fan of Nature... Downfall...i am allergic to 'n get HiVES from the cold, so i just bundle up extra ;)~
About Me ...i am 45 yr. old PRoUD MaMa of 6 Boyz, 2 of whom belong to my amazing girlfriend, Felicia... We share the custody of my four boys with my Ex Husband. i am a Artist, Writer 'n Photographer @ Heart... i Feel i was born to make a difference, so am currently in pursuit of raising mental illness health and awareness. A subject i believe goes far much deeper that society is being exposed to... i want to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves... i Maybe just Me, but i BELiEVE iN The PoWER of ONE...¬† ..."When the PoWER of LoVE, overcomes the Love of Power...then the WoRLD SHaLL KNoW PEaCE..." Jimi Hendricks¬†
Kimberley McMullen
Katy Perry Performs 'Unconditionally'
214 days ago

...Absolutly Beautiful... i LoVED the whole show... Katy 'n John appear to share a SPECiAL kind of LoVE... Really Refreshing to see a couple Work so Hard to "Go the Distance"... Amazing Voices, Talent Galore 'n a God Given Gift to us ALL... i'm a FaN! Peace, Unconditional LoVE 'n Holliday Blessings...