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Kim Wollenburg
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Kim Wollenburg
Message from Ellen
459 days ago

Would love to join you on your journey.. Australia would definitely be a once in a lifetime "wonderful gift". So just let me know when to be ready...See you soon..G'day to you til then..Your mate in Kentucky...

Kim Wollenburg
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475 days ago

Toboggans - we are still "crossing our fingers " in Kentucky and wishing you and yours a Wonderful New Year. Also we wish for you happiness and health.You obviously bring much happiness to each of us win or not.......

Kim Wollenburg
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489 days ago

I tried this earlier,However I'm not really the best typer nor am I completely "computer savy".Anyway I'm entering this contest for my "family".It consists of my best friend her 22 yr old son and her 2 nephews and neice ages 8,6 and 14 of whom she has permanent relative placement and whom I consider "my children" and raise them completely that way.From time to time it gets a little difficult - But we always manage somehow and we are always here for one another. Winning would be a wonderful blessing.So here we go..Win or not..Thank you for "you"-you definately make hsrd days better and good days great...Happy Holidays to you and yours...

Kim Wollenburg
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490 days ago

Ellen as with everyone else "love you and your show" it would be amazing to win "12 Days of Giveaways" for my family.I help my best friend raise her niece and two nephews ages 14,8 and 6,whom she has permanent custody of. We are not the normal family,But we are a "wonderful family" and your gift would be a "tremendous blessing".Regardless win or not we'll still love the show and still keep taking care of each other...We'll keep our fingers crossed ."Happy Holidays To You and Yours"............