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Kim West
Name Kim West
Location Lancaster, SC
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Hobbies Reading, being with my children, tutoring elementary kids with special needs
About Me I am married to Paul, have 2 children--8 yr old daughter and 6 yr old son who had open heart surgery at 9 weeks old and now has epilepsy and autism. I worked as a real estate broker for 23 years until it became necessary for me to totally devote my days to my son. Real Estate allowed me to work and care for him for a while until his seizures got worse. Also he needed extra time spent on skills needed for school and on his fine motor skills. He is about 3 years behind. He is has a homebound teacher and is doing really well. He is absolutely the most loving child. I am so blessed to be his mom. My daughter is such a big help too. She knows exactly what to do during a seizure. I could not make it without her. THe greatest job I have ever had is being a mom.
Kim West
Jimmy Kimmel, and a Big Announcement from Ellen!
564 days ago

Ellen, you and your show are the highlight of my day! I have a special needs son that requires much care and attention daily. I too was a career woman, who chose child and family over the big job of 23 years, the big house and all the extras. We have really had to make some major down grades, but feel extremely blessed to have another day with each other!! And I look soooo forward to 5pm when your show comes on. I literally laugh and cry the entire hour as I am moved by your generous and HUGE heart for others--people you dont even know!! Thank you for the smiles and love you show. I would give anything to be one of your guests, but know leaving my child is utterly impossible at this time. But having you as a guest in my home daily is a true treat! Thanks for all you do and for being YOU!!
Kim, Lancaster, SC