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Kim Sparks
Name Kim Sparks
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About Me Been drawling every day I can and I miss ANGEL DARLENE tremendously, my mother!!! Want to change the world thru ART!!!! I know this is the WAY!!!! Kimi
Kim Sparks
Where This Guy Goes, His Duck Follows
32 days ago

How cute, I adore ducks and those whom are kind to them, bless you!!! Kimberly

Kim Sparks
Win Day 13 of 12 Days!
87 days ago

Hello ellen,
Still got that letter here that I wrote what I seen in my head, it is addressed to you. I found it in my stuff and thought huh "a letter that ellen's name on it? I had forgot writing it so started a small rip in the back, but did not open it. Then, I started laughing because I finally remembered writing it. Hope to personally get to deliver it to you? Been getting real sick so do not know how long I am going to hold out?

You show makes me laugh everyday!!! You and your crew doing a good job, glad about your new additions to the show!!!
Good Luck if I do never get to meet you? Best Wishes, Kimberly

Kim Sparks
Message from Ellen -- Week of May 21 - 25
141 days ago

21st is my dads Charley s birthday, god bless him! He was killed in a car accident. I had a dream the day before it happened but did not know to tell him, I did get to tell him "I LOVE YOU" before I left!!!

Last night I had a dream about Miley Cyrus and she came out with her new video on ellen today, she is neat!!!

Cannot wait to see Therese Caputo, I told her about the 3 green angels I seen, then two clear ones.

I have drew for years and keep praying, I am in the center of both sides and pray ellen or someone helps me to reach the right side to help others.

I am afraid of the wrong side taking me!!!

I am an extremely good and kind person and my brother Stephen as well, he has been so good to me, he has helped me fight in my nightmare since I had been 18, had to learn to walk again, and I have ANGELS watching over me, I love my sister and her family also, very deeply!!!



Kim Sparks
Ellen Shop Rejects
141 days ago

Like your ellen cap, you need to get wsaz channel 3 give you a picture of the duct tape bandit, probably get a lot of sales on your hats!!! He robbed a bank with duct tape wrapped around his face, I laugh my a__ off, but really it is sad!!!


Kim Sparks
Theresa Caputo is Back!
144 days ago

Hello Theresa, hope all goes well for you!!! Kimberly

Kim Sparks
Behind the Scenes at the Oscars
146 days ago

Excellent job hosting the Oscar's ellen, it was very fun and interesting!!! kimi

Kim Sparks
2 More Days Until the Oscars!
151 days ago

Tear them up at the Oscars ellen!!! Knock it out of the park!!!

Kim Sparks
A Big Gift from Shutterfly
169 days ago

I ordered a Photo Book and some of the nicest Photo's I have ever got! Excellent quality Shutterfly, way to go!!! Everyone needs to check out this site, you can get everything you want and need! Your loved one's will always remember you and also you can always remember them! Kimberly

Kim Sparks
Drive a Mazda CX-5
173 days ago

Another excellent choice ellen has, good taste she definitely has! Kimberly

Kim Sparks
Thanks, Shutterfly
173 days ago

Getting some excellent products from Shutterfly thanks to ellen!!!
ellen, you definitely got good taste!!!

Kim Sparks
Michelle Obama's Birthday Message to Ellen
180 days ago

Happy Birthday ellen!!!

First Lady Michelle Obama is funny, tell Bo I wrote a book he can read about himself:) and his daddy President Obama! Ha ah ha, First Lady Michelle visits here also.

Hope you have may more special birthdays ellen!!!

I can only be reached by internet, have critical cir***stances here.

Hope everything is special for you and Portia and Betty your momma!!! I donated my birthday to my Momma Angel Darlene, she was so very happy!!! My brother was proud of me. Best day of my life!!!


Kim Sparks
Ellen Is Building Them a Home
180 days ago

Great for Susie!!! Kimberly

Kim Sparks
Ellen and Portia Are Hot!
194 days ago

Way to go ellen and Portia!!! Youns are very special!!!! Kimberly

Kim Sparks
You Write, Ellen Responds!
197 days ago

Dear ellen,

I seen the video about your finger, had 2 others do the exact same thing Innocent. There finger was much worse, so you will be OK! It was my brother and best friend.

I know my video on the Psyhic Art was a bit out-of-sight, It is a true story, if you go on U Tube and it is still there if you look to the right there is a picture of my drawling about my momma Angel Darlene, I believe she wants us to meet, as friends so you can see my drawling. Some are really good!!! Could you come here with my sister Diane Harding so I could meet her? I would give anything to meet you both, been having an extremely hard time and really could use some help? I have tried everything, we cannot answer the phone for a couple of reasons. You can email me if you need me to do anything. Also, cannot call long distance unless you have a 1800 number.
I am a very good person!!! Have drawling talent, I am the one that needs to drawl a picture of Portia and you, have her sit out your lap and send me a letter.

Thank You

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