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Kim Liner
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About Me Well, I believe we are more than we know.. we are stronger than we think... we are more powerful together than we are divided.. Please Help me start a new cancer campaign: ~One World~ One Cancer~ One Cure~ !
Kim Liner
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628 days ago

In my humble opinion, I think we Cancer Warriors and Survivors need to revise our fight against this killer! In fact I think that there needs to be a more united front on ALL cancers. I am a Small Cell Lung Cancer survivor who was terminal, and every time I see all the work for just breast cancer or even my cancer, it makes me sad! We all need to pull together and fight"THE DISEASE", not just the diseased body parts! Our victory will be in UNITY! Always has been, always will be! ~~ ♥ ~~
(OH OH OH OH OH!!! I I just thought of a name for our cause: "~ONE WORLD~ONE CANCER~ONE CURE~" We gotta make TEE-SHIRTS!!!) ~~ <3 ~~