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Kim Eggleston
Name Kim Eggleston
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Hobbies love to read and work on puzzles books and work out.
About Me I really love to watch Ellen along with my 2 year old grandson who will be 3 on April 12 th.He sometimes dances along with Ellen and claps along with the audience and I would love to meet Ellen and go to one of her shows before she retires, but I was out of work for 3 years and when I finally got a new job 2 years ago it was part time and I still struggle to pay my bills, because I am always helping my daughter. Who struggles sometimes and with a husband who doesn't work it is kind of hard.But I love life and if I could I would love to send money to help the kids that they show on the TV comercials about them starving and are ill, that would be my 1 goal in life.
Kim Eggleston
It's Day 10 of 12 Days!
219 days ago

I would love to win the Christmas giveaway from Ellen if I did I would give some to my family and the rest to needy people.