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Kim  Cordetti
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250 days ago

Hi Ellen, I was directed here because I know someone who needs a new card. My BFF friend Pam (who won a car back in the 70's , but had to give it to her parents coz she was underage - an AMC Gremlin),will NOT give up on this stupid car of hers. It brakes down on her frequently , and she has had to summon my husband to her aide on more that one occasion. I don't understand her attachment to it, but she claims she cant afford a new one. I think it is a Delta 88 (from '88?), and I think one of her tail lights is taped on or something. She keeps pumping $$ into , instead of getting something safe. She has worked at a large Insurance co. for 30 some years, and they treat her badly. Where are the Undercover boss people? ( NOT on your side). Anyway, she was the one to turn me on to your show , for my daily laugh. She is very deserving , and winter in Ohio is upon us soon. Please consider her for your giveaway.

Thanks, Kim