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Kim Castanon
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Ellen, We are looking for an advocate and spokes person for Pediatric Cancer. You would be such an asset to the cause! We need to spread Awareness. If you research the stats on funding, treatment, research, and overall attention given to these kids you'd be horrified. I am the Grand Mother of a child who has AML. And what I've uncovered throughout this whole ordeal makes me very Angry! Please take a moment to check out the horrible facts about childhood cancers. We need help! We are new at fighting for a cause, but this is definitely a cause worth fighting for. I have a great respect for you and believe that you genuinely care about issues you involve yourself in. That's why your support would mean so much. I know I may be grasping at straws with this email, but I will try anything to make some progress in this fight. Either way, I think you are a remarkable person, and I believe you can make a difference in the lives of so many kids. Thank You for listening. Sincerely, Kim Castanon.