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kianna simmons
Jennifer Lawrence and an Incredible Surprise
612 days ago

I love jennifer lawrence soooo much!!!! I have been waiting for you to have on the ellen show!!! I admire her so much and wish i could meet her. She is just a all around great person, I wish I could be her. I am so sad because I love the ellen show and I cant get tickets because I don't live close enough to drive. I really wish i could be there to just see ellen and jennifer lawrence. I'm so happy you have her on the show , I'm gonna be watching it on my tv. I aspire to be like jennifer lawrence, she's beautiful, funny, a good person,she can sing, and she is an amazing actress.I hope I'm even a little bit as talented as jennifer lawrence when I get older. I just wish I could meet her and ask for advice about everything. I know ellen is going to enjoy having jennifer on her show, I just wish ellen could read these comments to see how much I admire both her and jennifer lawrence. -kianna simmons