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Name kianataytay
Age 14
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Hobbies singing acting hanging out with my friends dance cleaning hanging with my family facebooking playing with my dogs watching pretty little liars going to jr.rangers hanging and the community center (the teen room)
About Me i live with my mom and dad in a small town. i have 2 turtles, 5 dogs, and fish. i love to sing, i was in choir for a starting to take dance.and im very dramatic when im acting. haha my school is pretty cool.. i like math and drama.. science is ok XP lol. im one with many colours and styles, right now im rockin the blue hair which is like my favorite colour XD XD XD. my favorite singer is taylor swft like i would die for her, she has the best music and i went to her speak now concert in vancover, i still have my ticket favorite songs from taylor is red, 22, tim mcgraw, speak now, eyes open, long live, fearless, fifteen, mine,the way i love you,we are never ever getting back together,better than revenge, white horse, if this was a movie, begin again,love story,stay stay stay, i knew you were trouble, last time and starlight!!!!! eeeek XD XD . and on facebook i liked lots of taylor swift fans and i like the pics XD like meet her = cryin of awesomness then heartattack thenh like its be oh i dont know amazing ... when i get enough money and she comes to vancover again im going to by tickets and try to meet her XD...i could go on forever sooooo change subject haha ...TTYL lov ya
Taylor Swift
505 days ago

XD XD XD XD XD XD XD second taylor your wonderful if they had a word better then perfect id use it haha XD. i love all your songs.