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kerry yannes
Name kerry yannes
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Age 53
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Hobbies I work hard
About Me I have a dear friend like a sister to me that she is like a women i look up to her. she is a big fan of ellens
kerry yannes
Quote of the Day: You Are Not a Failure
563 days ago

Bethenny,you will be just fine,you have to rember one think you got married to Jason if you did not love you would not have gone though with it and two you have a wounder full little girl that you and Jason made ok, I know Ellen is by your side but rember you are loved by many people even if you don't think so, I have seen you on house wifes and your talk show, you are a verry strong women, Just know what I have said, and please don't let No one tell you any thing elts,your fan as will Elizabeth P.S KEEP YOU HEAD UP

kerry yannes
Naomi Watts, Day 7 of 12 Days!
593 days ago

ellen my i ask i some thing, my dear friend who i think as a sister has watch your show from day one and has try so hard to win tickets to your show, she is a verry big fan, I have even told a story about her,she may not have much but she has a big heart for every one, she never gives up, no one ever got back to me i and her haben has sent you a video about her story, I just guest she's not good for your show. i was just woundering thats all, thanks kerry

kerry yannes
Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Kelly Clarkson
614 days ago

ellen I hope you have a gr8 Thanksgiving, I am thankfull to have true friends and thankfull to be a live and live day by day, most of all I am thankfull to get to watch you on tv,

kerry yannes
Andrew Garfield and Ne-Yo
621 days ago

I have written to the show about amazing women,and who did so good for others. I have written for about 2 years me and my friend about this women and we have a viedo on tweer we send you but,i belive maybe she is not good enough for te show, we must of told our story 30 times and know one got back to us.she is a verry big fan of yours,she watchs your show every day, so is this real or you have only better people onyour show, she has tryed to win tickes on your show and i know she could have one at one point or other, just like your 12 day of christmas last year..

kerry yannes
The Halloween Show
634 days ago

hello I have been sending you litters,about my dear friend who is a verry big fan,and needs help her hasben to lost both of his kidneys and she needs help with bills and a car they where in the sandy storm and it made it worst for them, she is trying to find way to buy food and a car and pay the bills,and now find away to make a xmas for the family,ellen please help.. than you kerry yannes