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Kerri McManus
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Hobbies I haven't found my nitch just yet....
About Me I am a mom of 3 beautiful children, 2 boys and a girl. I am also a PTA parent at both of my two oldest childrens' schools. I love to travel by car, not plane, all over the US. We have done most of the Eastern part and will hopefully start moving towards the mid-west. I stay home 5 days a week to raise my kids and work weekends while dad gets to hang out with the kids! We are renovating a house we bought 3 years ago. It will probably take 20 years, but we are loving that it is ours!!!
Kerri McManus
jcp Buttons!
605 days ago

I was super excited about the JCP Button promotion this year! I got up early (meaning I slept 2 hours)and dragged my friend (who worked til 1am) out to an early opening of JCP so that we could start collecting the great christmas buttons!!!! My friend who is lucky enough to have an iPhone entered her codes in and with in a few hours knew whether or not she won. She did, a gift certificate $5off a purchase of $5 or more.... Yeah!! Her husband entered two buttons and he received 2 $10 certificates!! Awesome! I on the other hand.... entered the first button I received, a picture of coal, at about 2pm when I finally got home and it is now 9pm the following day and I haven't received an e-mail either way.... I am somewhat bummed because I was so super excited. I love shopping JCP and I haven't given up hope! I will soon enter 2 more button codes, but maybe with a different e-mail address as it seems AOL is behind the slow process... Merry Christmas Ellen! Thank you for making this a really fun promotion!!!! :)