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Kenneth Heinzman
Name Kenneth Heinzman
Location Las Vegas, NV
Age 70
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Hobbies crafts and cooking and baking and helping people when i can
About Me Dear Ellen: I am 69 years old was in the service for 3 years, when i just turned 18 right out of High school. I have lived in vegas for 30 years I am on SSS from the goverment. have no insurance , do have Medicare but that helps but not for a lot of things. I just moved into a different apartment in N.Las Vegas the apartment is ok but bye the end of each month i am down to nothing to eat. then of course i have bills to pay and gas for a car that is just bout on its last leg sthe heat doesnt work and neither does the Air con. so in the summer i have to wait and go out at night and i dont like doing that becasue i am by my self and get very scared when i have to go into a store , you see i am in a wheel chair for the last 3 years not becasue i have three disks in my lower back that is keeping me from walking . I have to do a lot of things on my own for i have no family here. I thought i was getting my meds free from the VA but then found out it wasnt and i now have a bills that is very hard for me to get paid off because it is over 2,300 dollars I just had a hernia surgery on the 3rd of Oct. i have had three hip surgerys and one surgery when my lower instine exploded and i had to wear a bag on my side for 9 months and they they revisted it Then i had cancer taken off my back and thank god they got it all, then i had to have rotorcuff surgery on my left shoulder. i have to take pain pills all the time for the pain in my back. On top of all tis i have some how came out prett good just cant walk like i used too. That really gets me down. i can drive but i have to have help getting my wheel chair in the truck and it is hard to do my car is just a littl dodge neon. 1997 and i had to have a bunch of work done on it over 1,500.00 dollars still paying on that and now the heater cole went out . I try my best to keep my head above water but it gets hard each month. I have a lady friend the i meet when i moved to this apartment next to me she and her husband didnt have a care so i offered to take her to the store and doctor when she needs to go all i ask of her was to help with gas when she can. she has been a God sent for me. Other than that i wouldnt be able to get out much . Christmas is my time of the year i have always put up deocrations out side just so people can see somthing nice and makes them feel good . i need to have some Dental work done the upper plate i have no long fits and i have to use the sticky crap to keep it in. i have tried to save money to have the last three teeth pulled and get new dentures but each set cost little over three hunderd dollars. so ai go with out them a lot and i alway have my hand over my mouth when i talk to someone so they can see i have no front teeth. This the thing that bothers me the most. becasue people tell me ai have a great smile and very blue eyes . Its just that i dont see it that way. I fyou could help some way i would be the happiest person on this earth. I have been looking for a place that is a food bank but havent been able to fine on yet in vegas. I watch your show every day and love it Ellen, bye they way i am also Gay. AS you know we still have people that just dont understand our life style. Pleas pleas help if you can Love Ken Kenneth Heinzman is my full name i live in Las Vegas at 5090 Kell Lane apartment 106. they things i have in my apartment have either bee given to me or i have been out dumpster diving and geeting thing that i can paint and make look nice. Thank you Ellen you are a wonderfull person and i know god guides you a lot in helping people. Big hugs from me KEN
Kenneth Heinzman
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If i should win the 12 days of Christmas , It would be the happiest and most wonderfull Christmas i have ever hand in my 68 years of living on the wonderfull earth. Ellen you are such a giveing and caring person . God has put you on this earth , for a very special reason and i know he watches over you everyday. Thank you so much for caring and giving in so many ways to all. Have a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. hug KEN