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Kenneth G. Bos
Name Kenneth G. Bos
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Hobbies Watching Ellen is the first thing i do now that I am medically retired.. I love this show...
About Me I put 27 years in a factory but had a stroke and two surgeries so I am unable to work anymore.. It really is hard to get used to after being so active but it will get better, Ellen starts my day off beautifully. Her smile and wit makes me smile and I just love her show. I dont do anything until I am finished watching Ellen. Thankyou for the uplifting experience every day!!!!!
Kenneth G. Bos
Exclusive: Getting Down in the Audience!
596 days ago

Hi..Just read the letter from Mrs. Smith in Baton Rouge La.. God bless them and I wish I could help. But something struck me strange. Why in the world would you keep 15 cats and dogs if you are in such dire straights? I had one golden retriever and I know the expense. God bless you for wanting to help and take care of animals in need. But I would think my daily bills to survive would take precedence over feeding 15 cats and dogs. I dont mean for this letter to come off as harsh at all. I have been and am still going through some really rough times also, but I just think some things should be brought to light.God Bless you and I hope everything will work out for your family. Stay strong and laugh ALOT.....