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About Me Almost 60 but my mind tells me I'm 18. When I act on that thought, my body reminds me otherwise. My wife, Jan, and I have been in an ongoing battle with a lousy, inconsiderate,lying neighbor who has stolen our peace with hie insensitive acts. I am learning the law, because we ran out of money to hire attorneys. We are battling the neighbor in 2 civil suits. We have already been through the ringer because of his and his wife's lies about us. We spent all of our life savings, to hire a lawyer to keep me from being sent to prison because of his lying wife. They are well connected and well off financially. They are trying to steal my family's property which my parents purchased in 1968. They even got the DA to help them with an attempt to extort our property, by accusing me of 2 felonies and 2 misdemeanors and then offering to drop all the charges if I would sell them our property at the price they wanted to pay which was about $150,000 below market value, and would have left us without a home, or enough money to purchase one. We have both become disabled over this 13 years. Jan's disabilities are all due to their actions, most of my mine are as well. The disabilities are the result of constant negative stress and sleep deprivation over a long period of time. Our goal was to create a Christmas tree farm, a nursery, and apiary and a small campground which could be used for income, and also to bring inner city kids to the country for a week or two during the summer. Now we are barely holding on. Our property taxes come due in January and it is expected that they will be about $2500. We just paid our school taxes of $2000 in October. Our onlu income is my SSD of $1205/month and $230 food stamps. I am an honorably discharged Navy Veteran with 10 years of service. I am Jan's full-time caregiver and I had thyroid cancer a couple of years ago. I managed to arrange my surgeries so that I was only gone over night two separate times. So all she needed was to eat the lunch I had prepared and then microwave the dinner. With all the neighbor problems, I didn't want her to be here for too long by herself. I'm an ok drummer, but can't afford to get a set of drums to practice. When I get the chance to play it is my release mechanism. I get to let off steam. Jan is an artist. She does really cool and unique macrame and used to work with stained glass, and hopes to get into pottery. When we get back on our feet I hope that we will have the money to build our dream home, which will have an awesome library/office for me and a soundproof studio for jamming. For Jan we want studio space so she can have room to work on her art. Since my bout and my sister's bout with cancer--hers was much worse than mine--I heard about organizations that make wigs for cancer victims. I am growing my hair to donate it for such a cause. Right now it is between my shoulder blades. I want to get it to my belt line so that there is enough length to make a good wig, but also to leave me with fairly long hair. I will repeat the process for as long as I live. Well that's enough about me for now. My wife is a big fan, and I am becoming a fan. She watches most days, and I catch the show sometimes if I take a break from my research and writing.
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Love the show, you always make my wife and I laugh, and our situation is such that we need the laughs you provide.
Life over the last 14 years has been very cruel to us because of wicked neighbors and the local "good old boys" who are friends with our neighbor and who run the county. They have cost us our life savings. We are both 61 and disabled, but only I am eligible for SSD which amounts to $1055.00/mo after they take out my Medicare premium and a garnishment of $186.00 because the VA overpaid me a pension while I was waiting for my Social Security to come through. Okay, enough with the sob story. I started out by thanking you for the laughs you provide as they take our minds off of the miserable existence in which we find ourselves. Hopefully we will win one of those $25,000 prizes, and I can pay off a few bills and send my wife on a vacation.
Our love to you and Portia

Justin Bieber, Hugh Jackman, and Day 10 of 12 Days!
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Does anyone know the secret word from Friday the 21st???