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Kenny D
Name Kenny D
Location South Hadley, Massachusetts
Age 57
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Hobbies Photography & Web Design High Horsepower ProStreet Cars Drag Racing Camping in our diesel pusher Dynasty Coach
About Me Not much to say here except that I've been married to the most wonderful woman in the world for over 30 years with two beautiful children. The sad part is that my wife has a very rare disease called Mastocytosis, sadly she is only one step away from leukemia. Whats even worse is that I cannot provide for her because I am permanently disabled from failed back surgery back around 07. What the government gives us for disability pay is an insult especially after working all my life! I never thought I would be forced into an early retirement at just over 50 years old! To make matters worse I am an only child so my sick wife somehow manages to put on a smile and take care of mom and dad as we had to get power of attorney to pay their bills which are ever increasing after my mom's past year went like this. February 2013 she had heart failure which led to having a pacemaker-defibrulator implanted, next she fell at home knocking a mirror off of the wall breaking both of her ankles! After a stay in the hospital and rehab in a nursing home she was back home and doing well until she fell again just before New Years and broke a rib! As she was recouperating in the hospital and nursing home we noticed something wrong with my dad and after testing we discovered that dad has liver cancer! He just began radiation and chemo treatment and were praying it works because if it doesn't my dad could only have weeks to live! So much for the "golden years" I guess?