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Hi Ellen! First, thank YOU for being an inspiration to me everyday. Secondly, I absolutely love Taylor Swift! It's cheesy and you've heard it before but she's so relatable. I have been a true fan from the beginning. I still remember the day I bought her first self-titled album at target with my mom. I listened to it the whole way home and the entire night that I practically knew all of the words to her songs already.

The most important reason I am her biggest fan is because she saved my life in many ways. I went through a rough time in high school trying to find my real friends and figuring out where I was supposed to fit in. I didn't necessarily fit into a category and so I let myself "conform". Well that led me down the wrong path. But when I found Taylor Swift I truly fell in love with music. That fall saved my life. That fall inspired me to do something I have always wanted to do: learn to play guitar! I taught myself and picked it up so quickly. I wouldn't say I have the voice of an angel, but I do alright to be able to sing in front of friends and family's and most importantly have fun with it!

Taylor inspired me to play guitar and that led me down the right path. That helped me find what made me happy. I didn't have to be an athlete or a smarty pants. I could be my own guitar-quilt-crochet-music-loving person. I'd rather go to the fabric store with my mom than go to a crazy party on the weekend. She inspired me to stand up for what I believe in and stand up for myself. I could go on and on about why I love Taylor Swift but these are the most important to me. Hope you can make my dreams come true. Thank you Ellen! -Kelsey