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Kelsey Fishburn
Name Kelsey Fishburn
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Hobbies dont have them anymore, i take every day, one step at a time
About Me I'm somethin different, ain't nobody else like me :)
Kelsey Fishburn
See Blue Man Group
608 days ago

OMG, i so happy i finally get to e-mail YOU!!!!! i have your shows t-voed and i a week or two behind but i watching them!! :) you and your show makes me smile when i need it the most. After i lost the love of my life and the best father in the world, even the effort to fake a smile is too much to bear. My son is a year old, and i'm not sure how i would go see the Blue man group, or any thing but it seems my generation doesnt care about the theater anymore and it's always been a day dream of mine to go see them, and be right up front for all that ganster paint they put on the drums, MY FAV PART!!! I LUVS U ELLEN!!!! Please sent me a shout out, i might get the time to watch it in a week or two. lolz :) luv, Kelsey Fishburn