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Kelly Wassil
Name Kelly Wassil
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Hobbies Watching Ellen and all NCIS Shows!
About Me I am stay at home mom now that my 15yr old daughter is home schooled. I love to read my Nook when I have time, and I keep an eye on the clock. When it hits 3:59 I am tunning in to Ellen. I would love to come and see you live, but some day I'll have the money. Until then my husband is a retired USAF VETERAN and now he is civil service at Tyndall AFB here in Florida. I'm so proud of him. We have been together for 23yrs. The day we got married the J.P. he had to go to work after the "I DO'S", we never had a honeymoon, but seeing you would be worth it for us. Love The Wassil's
Kelly Wassil
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219 days ago

Dear Ellen,

I love to watch your show, I have even gotten my husband to watch as well. Your love and carring you give back to your fans is so heart warming that I often tell my family now that is a true humanitarian. So anyway if I ever get the chance to meet you, it would be to be in the prescense of a beautiful person with a warm heart of gold.

Merry X-mas to you and your whole family. Some day I will meet you and it will be number one on my bucket list and the last well except Adam Lavine, lol.

Your fan always, Kelly Wassil