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Kelly Stanley
Name Kelly Stanley
Location Vidalia, Louisiana
Age 39
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Hobbies depends on the day and my mood ;)I also enjoy arts and crafts with my girls. I have always felt my calling was helping pre-teens. It is the awkward age where they aren't children or teenagers. I was bullied and if I can just help one person then I am doing something right.
About Me I am a housewife with 2 beautiful girls..Hannah(13)and Adriana(11). I am married to my best friend for almost 17 years now. I have an awesome 28 year old step daughter and 2 beautiful granddaughters. We may not have much in the way of money or possessions, but I am loved and that makes me the richest person in the world. Then ofcourse I have my furry dog Sugar, my puppies(half pit bull and half dachsund...the dachsund is the dad...go who we call Chops and Cheeka. Then there are the cats who own us...Dashers who owns Hannah, Purrcey who owns Adriana and Trixie or as I call her Tree-Tree who owns me!
Kelly Stanley
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568 days ago

The purse you received was lovely and awesome that it was made entirley of duct tape....however never before have I noticed the resemblence of Owen Wilson and you.....just