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Kelly Leeuwen
Name Kelly Leeuwen
Location felton, DE
Age 45
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Hobbies Laughing, Playing cards, shooting pool.
About Me Im an outspoken self employed hairstylist. I've been married for a thousand, I mean 19 years to my best friend :) I cant imagine my life without him but Id dump him in a heartbeat for u Ellen! :) I mean sure u both have great personalities...& u both make me laugh...but alas, he is poor. LOL We have a son, Mason (24), he has Asperger's Syndrome. Im 43 & have done everything I ever set out to do in this life so now Im bored to death waiting for...I dunno what...grandkids? I really dont require much to make me happy. Im not materialistic AT ALL. I LOVE Goodwill & Salvation Army stores! :) I hope someday to hit the lottery & play Santa! I love to make people smile!
Kelly Leeuwen
Josh Duhamel, Bethenny, Alicia Keys!
511 days ago

So I got my coffee, Im sittin in bed...Its time to catch up on my DVR "Ellens" & the Feb 15 episode cuts off & an older episodes plays! What? Im bummed. No Josh Duhamel, no Bethany Alicia Keys. I know I can watch tid bits on the web site, but I like the WHOLE show. I look forward to her monologue & her dancing...
Did this happen to everyone?
Bummed in Dela-WHERE?